Old Newbie!

Was that Bruce as in the GTO butcher :flushed: brave man going there Ewan

It sure was the one and only… but there weren’t many options at the time… He did try to nick my dump valve which I found on his autograss car and some other issues, which I can’t remember now… He did quite a bit of work as he swapped in the Frankie engine, but found it was blowing past the rings, so put my engine back in and bolted up the turbo kit, which almost caught fire at Eurospec. Then it did catch fire at a later date, but Ben managed to catch it… Then there was another time it went down and Ben found a nest in the enginebay…



Sounds like typical Bruce stuff , that’s why we got rid of him , thankfully no lasting damage was done :+1:

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Blimey Ewan, great pics and story!

What did you do with the dual exhaust system?


Cheers Paul,

I believe that I let Bruce sell the exhaust, turbos and intercooler pipework. So they would have gone into the community somehow… Wasn’t really practical shipping them back up to Aberdeen…


Crail Ewan, then drove to knockhill to meet eurospec crew.

Good job ewan , sometimes its better cutting out so you can seam weld the part in , you get better penetration through the metal instead of going down the spot weld route , sometimes ive seen a mot fail if you overlap and dont weld both sides .


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