One set of 13T's Available Next week Cancelled Order

As per the title we have a set that will available next week, these will be the new MK5 versions with all the latest mods.

£795.00 including our new fitting kit that includes a very expensive aeroquip style water feed and return pipe replacement kit.

We normally have a waiting list for these…

Give me a call on 01702-614469 during office hours if you want to purchase them.

Cheers Rob

I will try and update these photo’s with what you will get as soon as i can and also show you what the new MK5 13T’s look like

Cheers Rob

Hi Rob

What does the MK5 bit mean?


It means that this is the fifth version… and they hope that this one finally works :wink: :lol:

Cheers Patrick… :lol:

Basically we have developed and add modifications to the turbos, as we have gained experience and have listened to comments made by customers and garages who have fitted them.

Examples are that you now have a drilling on the compressor outlet and hose connection included in case your 50p Ebay intercooler causes compressor surge…lol

We now include a quality hose kit to over come the water feed and return pipe that caused some people problems.We have just made things easier for people to fit them basically.

The design works very well and we have made no modifications to the performance side of the turbo as the turbo works well enough for 98% of the owners who fit them.

People like yourself James would probably like more boost…lol

And we will be providing an upgrade a little later in the year for people like yourself… So watch out for a post on 13T Upgrades… :wink:

Cheers Rob

Mine have been working hard for a few years now :wink: