Online GTOUK Newsletter - Interactive

Just so you know this is picture heavy, so you with slow bandwidths be warned!

I just loved the newsletter, so I thought I’d mess about with it and make it interactive, just use your mouse to pick a corner and flip it over. Now I had to scan the pages so they images are not great, but enjoy.

Follow the link:

Ooh I like that, fancy indeed :lol:

Wow I like that. very cool and love the sound effects flicking the page

Sounds :shock: , goes back for another play :lol:

thats excellent mate :smiley: on my holiday week just now and this gave me a read before i see the real thing back home(even though it took 10 mins to load up :lol: )
ive gred videos to post up when i get back,done a 400m round trip yesterday and took a drive up the beallach.this road will have you guys in awe .put some strain on the old leaky turbos tho :wink:


Follow the link:[/quote]

Unfortunately I haven’t received a copy of the newsletter yet…but thanks to your very impressive interactive version I can now see why everyone is so impressed!!!

Excellent work! 8)

hahaha thats brilliant mate love the sound effect 8)

Love that road, was up there a few weeks ago, spinning up the the inner rear wheel on every corner without trying :smiley: :smiley: It was in the wet though.

Sorry, gone a bit off topic… :?