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Not often been to the online comparison sites, they never seemed to give quotes due to any box that you checked within “Modifications” and then get xxx companies will not insure you due to modifications, and the ones (or two) that will insure me are asking silly prices.

However, that all changed tonight. My insurance from Sky is due on 6th August 2009 so I have been surfing. Found it strange that the same insurance companies come up with different quotes depending on which comparison site you use. Must be the charge that the site debts them with was my thought.

Anyway. Had my renewal quote from Sky yesterday (including the club membership discount) and a £500.00 excess clause.

Been online and filled in the garble with (and many others, but they came out best) Went into everything. Side decals, stripes, exhaust mod, filters, even rear window tint LOL.

Looks like I can get insurance with courtesy car, windscreen cover, legal cover, protected NCB and £350 excess for only…

£295.25 with Elephant compared with

£491.00 with my present insurer (Sky) that I was about to pull out my cheque book and pay. (just seems the easy option)

I was going to buy my new insurance online with my credit card, but chickened out due to the thought that I must have missed something here. Will ring them next week to make sure that all the details are correct. That’s an insane saving. Just don’t seem right. :shock:

If you have not done so, go try it online. I hope it’s done me a favour. Still can’t beleive it’s right. That saving will pay for my new door sills and a weekend at the pub! You can’t beat that. :smiley:


These sites don’t like imports but are great for GT’s :wink:
I’ll give you a hint though, never take out an insurance quote using these online comparison sites. Once you have your quote phone the best insurance company up and then see how much more they can give you off their online quote. This way they don’t have to give commission and can offer a bit more discount :smiley:

Also keep an eye on elephant as I remember someone having issues about not having commuting to work on the policy and got done for no insurance.


Dee I paid £290 for mine with Elephant

the only problem is they cancel your policy if you right the car off !

Loads under search, but if it half the cost who cares


Thanks for all the pointers chaps. That’s great. :wink:


Well. Just insured my lady today.

Found that my registration had actually brought my car up as a Shogun. :shock:

Ammended it online and rang the insurance company. All mods declared and it came out at around £390. That is over £100 less than Sky quoted. (Didn’t tell the Mrs as we would end up with a pair of Jimmy Choos in the house) :wink:

Went with Admiral in the end. It was £15 more than Elephant, but after the posts about Elephant I thought it best to pay the extra.

Once again, thanks guys.