Open water

:lol: :lol: yippeee i know some of you already have this but i passed my PADI open water diving qualification today in a very murky stoney cove …
yesterday was at dosthill quarry in tamworth , really chuffed with doing it , thanks to damon (smudge ) for the advice and encouragement and which rubber suits feel nice :lol: :lol:

well done mate!!!

i would say some sarccy seal or whale joke, but you prob get enough of that from the instructors!!


Well done Rich…and wetsuits should be banned…ewwwwwwww


Well done mate, now book yourself a trip to Egypt and really start enjoying diving :wink:

Well done mate and congratulations :bangreen: took your time getting there but you did it 8)
Now you can really start enjoying your diving :wink:

Egypt is good, but THE place is ‘The Great Barrier Reef’,
you never want to get out of the water!!!
Carribean is the place for wrecks,
Indian Ocean is good too.
Happy Diving. :wink:

well done mate, alll I can say is don’t do portland harbour, when my sister did a dive exam down there a WW2 mine was found that day, in the harbour!!!


Congrats Rich

qualified in diving aye :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

was it as good as your dive you took at jae while playing with Paul :lol: :lol: :lol:

Craig :slight_smile:

Well done Rich,

Now you can look forward to all the money you can spend on shiny dive gear :lol:


Nice one rich well done…

Scott lost a shimano baitrunner last year in canons ashby lake…any chance you can go get it for him :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

cheers guys , a ww2 mine eh ??? hhhmmmmmmm portland harbour you say ??? :twisted: :twisted:
Bollox … to you know who you are ! :lol:

Dived at both locations (multiple times) and must say i prefer Egypt.

Though beeing (half) Egyptian, speaking the language (grew up there) and the fact that we own a boat there and now all the good (non-tourist invaded) spots might have something to do with that…

Congratulations :lol:


Congrats mate.
I second that Dawn. …eeewwww…
whats it with rubber suit fetishes :? :shock:
:lol: :lol:

What can you actually see in these places…there is one near me & they do diving, but god knows what is in there? I must admit it would be weird scuba diving and seeing a couple of carps swimming round.

Well done Rich.

Next time you’re at Dosthill give us a shout

Deano where abouts are you? and Nelster we could have a GTO/3000GT mini meet at Dosthill in rubber suits :lol:

well dean , didnt see any carp but when this swam past i realised why i hadnt seen any :shock: :shock:
:lol: :lol:

cool… I remember seeing a black tip off in the distance in Mexico and that scared the ■■■■ out of me. Although later I watched a school of fish being followed by a single barracuda…both made me freeze.

going to have to give the local padi school a call I think and get mine sorted…

Errr, that sounds a bit kinky :smiley:

I was thinking about a meet at The Fox, just round the corner from “Dossy”. Nice little boozer and they do food.

I might have to turn up in the Shrek mobile (S-max) because the battery on the GTO seems to be permanently flat :oops: