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Hi all,
Not rant, just a qestion, does anyone know what the usual turn around time is for an EEP order is? (or what the normal response time is for emails?)

I placed an oder on friday, and emailed to ask a rough idea of delvivery time, but still havent had any response yet, and ideally i need to get the parts before next week as i have time booked off so i can work on the car.

I know people are going to say “just phone him”, and yes, thats fair to a point. But its an online-web-shop. I can browse, select, order, and receieve items all without needing to deal with personal interactions like pushy sales people face to face, or awkward conversations on the phone. TBH, i prefer to keep it that way if possible, as I am just not particularly good with “people”, so I much prefer timely email comms.

Do you think theres a good chance the bits will arrive on time (I ordered a few hundred quids worth of engine bay parts to sort out a rocker leak, sparkplugs and a few other bits).


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call him is the best plan hes better on the phone than emails

Most of the bits I guess you have ordered would be quick delivery. Under usual circumstances.
I always phone rob to check delivery times if I’m in a rush.
I rang him towards the end of last week for a few parts.
Spark plugs was one, usually no issue to get.
Rob said there was a hold up on the ones I wanted.
Same with all the usual places as well, Opie, and euros and motor Serve in my area. Even different make plugs for our cars, same result.
Some bits he has in stock ready to go out and others have to be ordered in.
I would guess he’s waiting on some parts to come in before sending the order out.


6 months to a year with rob :joy:

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