Order Number: 2894

Not a GTO owner but can I get an update on Order Number: 2894

I’ve tried the contact form on your website and still no reply.


Give him a while, he’ll be along and answer you.

Terry :sunglasses:

No sure that’s a great way to contact Rob via a 3rd Party site, I would suggest to phone him on Monday



Hi Matthew

I did mail you a few days after you placed the order to let you know i was looking i Japan for the Blitz Suction Window Mounts.

The item as you probably know is now a discontinued product and there is no stock left in japan from all the sources i buy from and as such as i cannot supply you i have refunded your card back in full

Maybe try in the USA you might find some old stock there

Regards Rob

Thanks for the reply/update much appreciated.

I’ve tried sourcing it in the states and had no luck (this is actually the 3rd time I’ve been refunded trying to buy this mount!)

I guess the search continues!

In the mean time buy a gto and join up lol
Dave :joy:


I’m already financially ruined from the rx7, maybe when I grow older and wiser :grinning:


This is the best club there is, i could be a wise move… Gto’s are so reliable :joy:

Mazdabishi 3lt gto sounds nice​:rofl::rofl::rofl:
Jerry :grinning:

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