Order status

Hi Rob
Just wondering if you could chase up order conformation 2994 placed on 30june ,not heard anything

Hi Phil

Will call you tomorrow morning as i am waiting one one small stupid part to turn up

Can ship the other stuff, but will discuss this with you in the morning

Cheers Rob

Thanks Rob
You may have my old number
You can call me on this when it suits you

Hi Phil where possible please try to use the personal message function on the forum when giving out any personal information like phone numbers, this part of the forum is fully viewable by the public not just its members. Number removed I have pmd this to @GSXRKID
Thanks Dave


i Rob
Just wondering if you could chase up order conformation 2957 placed on 1june ,not heard anything
Best regards

Hi Reginald

This went out to you via DHL weeks ago

I will have to have a look for you on their tracking in the morning and email you after that

Regards Rob

Hi Rob,
OK thank you, I’m waiting.
best regards

hi Rob,
kindly reminder for my order 2957 : please confirm the status.
Thanks a lot
best regards

Sent you a email a few days back

Will resend

Cheers Rob

hi Rob
never received email from you, even in spam…
in my evilpeformance account order status is pending since 6 month.
i’m very worried because i paid a big amount…
please be emphatic and send tracking in my account.

I am replying to you in a minute in the hope you get a e mail direct from me via Outlook

DHL have confirmed that your parcel left the UK and was not delivered to you from months ago and cant find any evidence of it arriving in France at all and have told me to claim for it from them

I will now put together another order for you and send it to you this week

Tracking i will send via PM as well as by E mail

Regards Rob

Email sent

hi Rob,
I confirm that i received your last email. Thanks, I’m waiting the new tracking number.
Best regards