Our Sponsor

I noticed when I logged on tonite that we have a new sponsor (MoreThan Insurance) can somebody tell me why they are sponsoring us when they dont insure grey import or modified vehicles, I know this to be true because my son-in-law works for them and when he saw the banner on the home page, he pointed it out straight away.
Just out of interest, I then went on to their site to get a fictisious quote and guess what? It came back “Unable to provide a quote for this vehicle”.
Incedently, I could not provide information about any modifications mainly coz they never had a box to provide any

they dont sponsor, they pay to advertise. :slight_smile:

But why would they want to advertise on a site whos cars they wont insure? :?


because many people may run second cars that they need insurance for, as well as home, travel and pet insurance.

And, as well as the 2nd car policies, does it matter who advertises (within reason obviously!) provided they are helping pay for the site’s upkeep and our beer and food at JAE/Japfest/etc?? :lol: :wink:

Don’t forget, they do insure standard 3000GTs :wink: .

“Insure and Go” and More Than have both paid to advertise on our website, funds which help to pay for better club equipment and entertainment at events, and keep the costs of membership down for everyone.

Mark (t9od) has put a lot of time and effort into the banners and text adverts for various companies, and Simon (3000gt) has put plenty of time into arranging deals with companies for advertising, which largely goes unnoticed for most people. I just thought I’d take this appropriate oppurtunity to let people know the sort of work which goes on behind the scenes to help fund the club in a manner we can all benefit from :smiley: 8) .


Fair point, it makes a change to get something back from an insurance company