Own a piece of history.. various parts from Smokin etc

As title own a bit of club history…
A little Something from Smokin…
Maybe you could make a coffee table with the bonnet… a table lamp with a pop up.

Offers on any parts as pictured.
Un dented no hole’s or fans fitted bonnet.

Perfect condition sails (sold Luke)

I’ve got the hump… humps

Tt clocks gwo looks like had alot more fuel than last night. (Sold)

Pop ups x2

Genuine I think good gaiter

Lighting switches/aux control fits in active areo space

Ashtray for vaping

3 x snake eyes will make 2 good lights ( passenger side sold)

Central vent A1 condition ( gone @spiros)


Just brought a bonnet :frowning:

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Send it back, this one is better :grin:

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I got a mint bonnet and an idle control valve for 145With delivery from Nippon auto parts but I spoke to a new guy and he had no clue on prices.I got a ■■■■■■ good deal on them both. Had to send email to them with quote he gave me because they didn’t believe me. They wanted 200 for the bonnet and 80 for icv plus 45 delivery so I got myself a good deal :wink:


I’ll have these Dave :wink:

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Inbox by box :+1:

£50 for bonnet :+1:

Now you tell me! Been shipped be with me Friday the latest. :tired_face:

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Sorry didn’t know where I was till yesterday mate

That’s cool. Any climate control units?

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Yeh 3 non working fully referb ones :joy:


@raja2010.my @spiros parts dispatched thanks

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I need a nearside side light and pop up plastic surround Dave…

Will look and see how many I have in a bit bud :+1:

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Should say side light and pop up surround. Don’t need a whole head lamp mate

Also have Na spoiler in silver…cut makes a great front splitter…see smokin thread.
Was one of my first member purchases from a dear friend Gavin :joy:


NS side lights went to @raja2010.my today sorry I have spare driver’s side surround but rest are with lights unless they don’t sell.

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Cheap as chips offer him £15 I can barely justify the postage at that time I box it Buddy :+1:

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Part arrived today, Excellent Seller - Very Fast Delivery - Great Communication - Part in Very Good Condition :star::star::star::star::star: :grin:


Thanks Dave

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