Palm data logging names only who Definitely want please


“You have mail” :joy: :joy:

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I like the PayPal note…:grin:


@fullerh431 ordered/ paid and sent
@just_cool ordered/ paid sending Monday
3 left in stock thanks


@just_cool sent today with you Tuesday recorded delivery.


3 more complete units in stock ready to go £100 each plus p&p
All units 515 or 505 identical in spec new batteries fitted, case, bespoke od1 plug n play lead, thanks dave


You know if you fancy having a go at a mk2 version I’m sure I could persuade Mrs that a weekend break in Norwich would be nice :joy:


Ive been talking to Rob about it, seems impossible as they don’t use the same 2 bit coding mk2 uses 4 bit. You can buy the license to hhh £35 and use a laptop, will look at making those plug and play. Steve is sending me his lead to make the mk1 hhh lead, I will look out for the mk2 hybrid lead and if I can get one try work something out. Can’t say too much :eyes::eyes:


Mine would be a hybrid wouldn’t it? Mk2 1995


Yes that’s correct sorry.
Cheers Dave


Cheers Dave, just this second arrived.

Terry :sunglasses:



Ok, I’ll make something at some point


The hybrid one is a ■■■■■■■ the later obd2 hand held haylo was/ is available…good luck :+1: my head’s a wash with this crap now lol


Orders @richard_c paid sending Wednesday
@just_cool delivered today
£80 to club funds as of today from members sales
Thank Dave


Don’t know how you keep track Dave, organisation, record keeping, posting, just reading your posts sends me into overdrive, do you think you were a Secretary in a former life :wink:

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Ffs “simon, can i sit on your lap?”
" Fcof Dave" :joy::joy:


URGENT NOTICE Anyone with palms do not leave them in the box without charge for month’s, they only have a tiny amount of memory reserve powers.
I changed the batteries in units so that they were good for a couple of weeks not months. Do not reset theses unit’s either pushing and holding down power will do the​ same.
Pm me if you find this problem, Dave


I’m now doing the last 7 Palms theses are palm, new battery, my one off usb retractable dash/ charging lead £85 each plus £5 postage selling on eBay at £105.
M515 or m505 sd card and Will also be selling laptop for hand held haylo with my bespoke lead ( you will need to buy licence) £120
Cheers Dave


Last one I have and don’t plan on making anymore ever, don’t see the point in keeping spare units now…
£120 delivered ready to go with all the biz in the box. Goes on eBay in a weeks time if not gone by then as I can sell them by the dozen there. Cheers Dave


Sent you a message Dave about this as I am interested. Cheers


Sold Thanks :+1: