Palm & hhh logging clear out xp Dell latitude logging laptop SOLD

As pictures everything to go… sell as complete lot only… £250
6 X Palm m505 require batteries off eBay @£9 each… potential to make £130 from each unit once lead made… 3 part pre made usb to Palm Leads ( require the part to car making)
Palm tungsten i710 working
6 base charges 1 mains lead.
2 X hhh style serial leads ( require female
rs232 back to backs for connecting to laptop) with purchase of license from hhh £30 I believe.
Laptop computer xp latitude refurbished excellent… various logging programs loaded inc the palm loading software and HHH.
Etc etc etc


These will charge them and provide the connection for logging… opening one of the ones I did you will see how.

This is an rs232 converter.

Plug this to the 2 hhh style leads and you can attach to the laptop for logging.

Batteries loads on eBay…

I also have some of the resistors and diode’s left over to make the car part lead and instructions on internet.

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Still have all this if anyone interested, can bring to BB

Hi Dave,

Sorry bet you have heard this 100 times before
I have a one of your palms what would I need to connect and load to a laptop ? & how much would I be looking at ?


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Not a problem…

The palms are stand alone logging, the hhh software is for laptop.
I never made laptop leads only palm one’s… see hhh banner to buy from them :+1:

That’s Great thanks Dave :+1:

Last chance for I eBay it all…

£150 the lot

Sold see eBay if you need help with palms now