Part Collection at the Essex Meet Tonight

If you are coming along to the Essex Meet this Evening and you want me to bring stuff along for you to collect.

Please give me a call between 6pm and 7pm so i can make sure i have everything with me when i arrive

Cheers Rob


I’ll let you know later if I am likely to be able to make it. The BT guy was waiting here at 9am but has now had to go and wont be back until later this afternoon so I’ll keep you posted.

Best regards,


i may also not be there rob- there was another Pete+mates+drink related problem- my wallet, phone fags ect were left in lauras bag last night and after a few too many laura thought itd be a good idea to leave the pub without her bag (and my stuff), by this point i was with the aliens and wasnt paying any attention! :lol:
Only realised this morn while we were trying to find my wallet! and the pub wont open till 6 tonight! im just about to walk up there and see if anyone is there, i’ll keep you posted and bell you from home when i get in, cant even call dad as i dont know any of his numbers! :oops: You may want to delete this after reading! wanted to save your p.m space! lol

■■■■■■ women. :evil: :lol:

sorry rob cant make this tonight,

will call u in the new year regarding collection of my order,

cheers, martyn