Part needed but can't post in the wanted forum, Radiator cap housing?

I know this is not the right place to put a wanted post but desperate times and I need a part I can’t find anywhere else :confused:

Noticed that my 3000GT is leaking water out of the radiator cap quite badly…

On closer inspection the housing and the cap are both shot and badly corroded

I have a replacement Cap on the way but a housing that’s not already corroded where the cap goes seems to be hard to find?

this is what I’m after minus the cap

if you know where I can find one or you have one in good condition please let me know

Thanks guys

Unfortunately classifieds are for full members, there is so much more to this site and club you can’t see £20 pa gets you this. You may want to consider joining in April…
Cheers Dave


Use to be a member 15 years ago and even went to some shows with the club and a dino day also

looking to join again very soon :slight_smile:


I think most of us have just referb them I’m sure @ScottMR did his or replaced it? I would try Mitsubishi for cap or rob, don’t have a spare sorry bud.

I might have one mate just stripped my last gto ill have a look ,there are a few breaking if you look at the fb pages :wink:

Let me know :slight_smile:

will do mate ill have a look this week ive boxes of parts in the shed