Part Prices

Hi Rob,

Could you let me know prices for the following parts.

  • Front Right sunroof mounting bracket (part that fastens to the actual glass, unless it comes as an enitre unit)

  • Rubber seal between Turbo ‘Y’ pipe and throttle body

will be ordering these when i get money in 2 weeks


Hi Chris

The Sunroof forks are £20 each and i would recommend replacing them as a pair, as they bend and the glass will not sit flush.These are in stock

The Y Pipe rubber only comes with the Y Pipe it’s self and these cost £65.00.

We offer a replacement Rubber Connector with 2x Mikalor Clamps for £25.00
Available in various colours

Give me a call on 07891-606913 if i can help you

Cheers Rob