Parts, delivery & trust

I thought I’d just put up a post regarding ‘the evil empire’. I pm’d Rob quite late thursday evening regarding a few parts I need.
Details were exchanged & much to my suprise Rob agreed to post off the parts, there and then, complete with discount .
Now I don’t know Rob at all but he has trusted me to send him payment
(which I obviously have done) and dispatched the parts, which arrived early this morning, & given a generous discount.
Now that’s what I call customer service… many further orders will be heading your way Rob…

Many thanks,


Hi Carl,

Thank you for the kind words.

I will always help members of this club where i can.

Discounts are not always possible as the margins i work on a quite small.
However i will always try to give good value for money.

I look forward to some more orders from you :lol: :lol:

Cheers Rob

I would just like to second what Carl has said.

I have had a lot of stuff off Rob, virtually all of which has been heavily discounted, and most of which has arrived with me before he has been paid. He has also on numerous occasions, chased around in his own time to find out prices and availabilty of parts, purely to help me out.

This level of service, and more importantly trust, is truly fantastic, and I shall continue to harass Rob for parts for a good while yet!


Same here - Rob got me the parts I needed to get my GTO back on the road - even donating his own Crank-Bolt to the cause totally free of charge…

Getting another list of bits ready for the MoT soon… :wink:

Rob can talk the hind legs off the proverbial donkey, but his actions speak even louder than his words. Always helpful, informed and cracking prices. He’s always my first port of call when trying to source bits for my beast. Keep up the good work mate…

Rob has dug me out of the SH!T several times by offering the same to me. I cant see Mitsi offering the same !

Best regards,


robs a good guy, got alot of stuff off him and never had any problems, rob please send me your address as we spoke about, i need to give you money


I can only echo the sentiments already expressed here.

Rob and Kev have always been top notch with the parts and advice ive ever needed…

…nice to see my old car is still receiving the best of attention!! lol :lol:

I would have said something, but it has all been said above. Nice one Rob!

Well, I only think its about time i come in and mess this thread up! :twisted:

He’s NEVER available to answer MY calls (unless its 12 or 1am!) because he thinks its more important to talk to every customer other then me- resulting in many quickly ended calls because ’ he has someone on the other line’. When i do get to talk to him its always a coversation that involves me handing money over AND i get to use up all my free mins on my mobile doing it!!

When he came over my place to give me a hand taking the engine out he just stood around drinking tea, talking to my dad while pointing at bits saying ‘we’ll replace that’ which goes back to the Pete handing MORE money over bit! He couldnt even be botherd to bring his snap-on gun to help get bolts undone but…

Another time, Solar1 popped over to get a bumper- Rob turns up WITH the snap on gun so he can remove my engine mounts to show me i need new ones, then he whips out all his CAPs stuff and bullies me & mike into getting parts we didnt even know we wanted/needed!

These are not the actions of a good bloke!

Anyone believe me? :cry: I didnt think so! :lol:

Pete :smiley:

That’s so Rob, Great Salesman and a Great Bloke! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well i should put my bit on here i spose :lol:

I have got these AP race brakes on my car and i couldnt find the bits i needed , i tryed to speak to supplier on here who just wasnt intrested in helping at all , anyway whilst i was trying to get some pads of this company rob was ringing around and he found the pads i need and the seal kit , not even AP dealers helped as much as rob :shock: .

Rob ended up finding these brakes i have are very rare 1 of only 12 sets ever made and never intended to be used by the public :smiley:

So a BIG thanks to rob for all his help 8)