Parts List from Mk2 1995 GTO Black

Hi Guys, please see the parts Listed below.

Key info:
1995 6 speed, Mk2, Black Exterior, Black interior with Cloth seats, Car covered 72k in km + 21k miles, well serviced and looked after. Everything operational prior to removal. (accident damaged)

Prices negotiable. Delivery not included in Prices. Please ask for Pics. Collection available most weekday nights and weekends from TF9 4R

6 speed Transfer case £350.00
EBC front discs nearly new 313mm £80.00
EBC Rear discs nearly new 296mm £80.00
Front Calipers Reconditioned 313mm £300.00
"Lenso Muse wheels with good tyres. Painted black, will need refurb. 1 wheel damaged but not bent, indepentantly verified. " £600.00
bonnet £150.00
front bumper £100.00
rear bumper £150.00
Fuel sender £75.00
intercooler pipework £120.00
folding mirrors and switch £200.00
rear lights JDM (usa) £100.00
Rear Calipers Reconditioned 296mm £200.00
greddy Profec B boost controller £200.00
Blitz Boost Guage £75.00
Frong fog lights £50.00
petrol tank £100.00
nearside skirt £50.00
Front wing NS £80.00
Front Wing OS £80.00
air con pump £100.00
starter motor £80.00
hks air filter £120.00
Passengerside door bare £50.00
GTO Emblem rear 1/4’s 1 side repaired £400.00
dump valve £40.00
front to rear power steering lines £150.00
black dash complete £200.00
black centre consol £100.00
black floor carpet with hole £50.00
black A Pillars £80.00
black rear trims / speaker covers £80.00
black door cards £100.00
black rear upper trims £80.00
black seat belt set £80.00
black carpet retainers J shape £30.00
Black door sills £30.00
black parcel shelf cover Good, no fade £150.00
White dials with chrome surround complete £100.00
double din stereo £30.00
ECU £350.00
Exhaust down pipe £300.00
rear arch plastics £40.00
brake pedal switch £20.00
Front Power Steering Rack £150.00
G sensor £50.00
MFI Relay £50.00
rear seats £50.00
Front Seats £75.00
A/C control module £30.00
ABS ECU £80.00
Airbag Control Module £80.00
Front Wing Brackets £40.00
coolant expansion overflow tank £30.00
vacuum tank resiviour £40.00
A/C Fuses & Relays £40.00
Rear Steering Pressure pipe £40.00
passenger side air bag impact sensor £40.00
drivers side air bag impact sensor £40.00
Front Scuttle panel below windscreen £40.00
rear view mirror, no shadow £50.00
A/C evaporator £40.00
boot hydraulic rams £30.00
mk2 sail panels 1 clip missing £20.00
Twin turbo 1/4’s next to sail panels £20.00
Mk2 rear garnish - black £50.00
JDM tail lamps £100.00




Do you have front mount Intercooler mate?

No. Sorry.


Hey Paul

Is the bonnet still available ?

Hi Chris. Yes it is.


Couple of questions.

Is the fuel tank in good condition / rust free?
Does it come with the pump and lines etc?
Are the door cards is decent condition? (specifically the rubbers along the top, and the faux leather properly stuck to the card)
Do you have the drivers side door window glass?

Tank has surface rust. See pic. Sold as in pic. Complete.

Door cards have cloth inserts not faux.


Hi mate, can you send me some pictures of the rear lights and condition etc? And the ac screen as well. Thanks Mike

Hi Mike. The lights are currently reserved but not paid for. If this changes I’ll send you pm. The AC unit is also sold.


Paul do you still have the shell and if so where are you at cheers steve

Hi buddy Shell has gone.


Hi Mate,

Do you still have the radio and Rear Garnish?

If so could you take some pictures please?



Only got the radio. Sorry.


Climate unit?