Parts request

Hi Rob,

Can you give me availability and prices for the following bits please?

Front Aero Tray Side Access Doors (do you have any other access doors and fittings for underneath such as the centre door etc…)
Rear turbo to intercooler O-ring
Injector Harness Cover


From what I can remember the ‘doors’ come as a set for about twelve quid, but they are just thin plastic now. You’d best ring Rob as I don’t think he’s been on here since Sunday and I know he’s up to his eyeballs.

Thanks for the info Ian.


Hi mark

I priced up a front aero tray just before christmas and it was
£350 and it includes all doors and fitting kit

regards mike

Hi Mike - hoping to get by with just the doors hopefully as the rest of the tray is OK. Planning on getting the front bumper off soon to have a look at the intercoolers and have a feeling most of the bolts and fixings will break!

Cheers for the info.

Front Aero Tray Side Access Doors…£10 a pair

The thick Kidney shaped door is also £10 and the smaller front door is £5.00

Rear turbo to inter cooler O-ring in stock £4.00

Injector Harness Cover… EK2 are no longer trading, so we are trying to have these made in the UK

Unfortunately ia ma mega busy getting the new unit finished and cannot seem to get on the board very often at the moment. so lease cal me mark


all in stock apart from the injector harness

Cheers Rob