Paul Evans in Middlesbrough

I spent most of the day with “Paul Evans performance exhaust” in Middlesbrough watching and sometimes getting in the way as he hand built a stainless steel exhaust system for the BEAST.
I cannot recommend Paul highly enough to explain his quality of workmanship.
We had problems with the down pipe bolts on both manifolds as the original front system was kerrrkkknackered.
I am a very happy bunny with a very sweet running MR 3000GTO.
With a front to back lovely mellow sounding system, until boost kicks in then it roars.
So if you want an hand built stainless system, please give Paul a call.
Living the dream in my MR.


what did it cost

Need a new exhaust for mine…quoted £800 from Advanced Automobile Solutions in Newcastle, who come highly recommended - but as they have such a good reputation it can’t be done until October. Don’t want to wait that long - so looking for alternatives. Would appreciate advice on their price.

Best thing to do is go and see Paul in person. That way you can negotiate your own price face to face. Very affable guy.