Paypal refund of a penny (£0.01)

I have had a 1 penny refund today. Any reason?


Hi @Paulw,

Yes a penny refund is expected for some users who had started a Full-Membership PayPal Subscription last membership year.

Technical Stuff…

This is to do with our GTO UK’s membership year being from April 1st to March 31st, it’s PayPal’s way of aligning payment dates to match or just be really close.

Sometimes when PayPal switches over from the first year to the next it needs to charge something…
… so it charges the smallest amount possible - one penny £0.01.

This should only happen once…
… just between the first year of your subscription and the next.

Even though when you sign up for the Full-Membership subscription, the email from PayPal includes a £0.01 penny charge in the schedule of payments…

… We decided to refund the penny this time around.

Hope this helps clarify it.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Me too :grinning:

Every penny counts - as they say :wink: