Pete overtakes Rob on the Evil Empire project car front!

First off- only rob will understand what a moment this is! :lol:

These have been in bits with the wiring plugs cut off, in my house, in my bedroom for the last 2/3 months and tonight instead of going out and getting s**tfaced like I should be doing I stayed in, soldered the wires and put the last one together, pushing my car further ahead of Robs- and tomorrow, to go with my new years resolution of actually working on the car this year- they will be bolted on to the car! (I did think about getting the car finished as a new years resolution but i was being realistic! :oops: )

So Rob, time for you to pull your finger out! :lol: 8)
Happy new year buddy!


You are so yesterday… :stir: :roll:

My Mirrors we assembled Boxing Day…And they are on the car and plugged into the new MK2 wiring looms…So Ner !!!:wink:

Happy New Year to you too… :popcorn:

Catch up with me soon

Cheers Rob

And don’t forget to leave the wires out of the original Mirror Plugs, as I have the later GTO MK2 onward Mirror Plugs for you to use here, to help with the Electric Folding part of the conversion on the car.

Its about time we started to put them back together, they have been back from paint for 6 months and we have not touched them at all.

Well done for finally getting started on putting it back together.

Cheers Rob

I’ll put the plugs back on the mirror wiring as its the 7 pin ones, i just need the door section as the door wiring is 5 pin?

Started putting the engine wiring back in today but got bored and went out with my bro! lol! at least there’s been progress though!

We’ll get them there in the end matey! :lol:

if rob takes much longer he’ll be to old to be able to get in and out of it :lol:

True! he has trouble getting in and out of the FTslOw as it is!

As a side note- i tried to fit the mirrors but our fav paint & spray man carl has made the paint so thick that the new plastic mirror base’s dont want to go on without a fight and i have to go and buy a tap set to clean out all the threads on the doors, engine bay ect because no ■■■■■■ bolt wants to bite!

God i hate this car! :evil:

I have a set you can have.

Thanks for the offer ian but i’ll just go and buy some- i no what im like, ive started on the car over the last few days but the productivity levels will drop soon and cleaning out threads is not my idea of fun so im back to taking a holiday from the car! :oops: :lol:


I know it’s taken some time to get your GTO back on the road, but something you should watch out for is the rubber perishing on the tires.

hur hur