Peterborough/cambridge meet,night out?

I am arranging to have a little drive out this month. I have found a cafe with a difference.
If anyone is local to the Spalding area, they may have heard of a cafe called “The Pitstop Cafe”.
It is locate about a mile outside Spalding and the difference is that they have an area put by which houses about eight different race tracks, scaled down for Scalectic cars.
From memory, I recall Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Donnington Park.

Obviosly under normal circumstances we would have to book a day/night there but the guy would let us have an out of hours booking as a car club.
The prices to race there are £5.50 for 5 tracks and £8.00 8 tracks we could have a buffet included or you can sort out food from a very competitive menu.
Preferably a minimum of 10 people are required for the races so a little help in the attendance would be appreciated.

I know it is short notice but I only found the place today.

You can also bring your own scalectic cars if you have any or use theirs.

We can also hold car shows there if we want with an area for camping.

They have a web site

if you want to find out more but the car show bit was something that we talked about only today and that would take a bit more organising and he would be prepared to put up trophies.

This really looks like an ideal place and it would be a shame to let it slip through lack of attendance so come on guys give it a go.

I will start a list up here and you can add your names.

1/ Chaz n Jean
2/ Mick n Tracy

Due to lack of interest, I have cancelled the above meet. This is another example of “Why bother doing anything for the club”.
There are enough members in this area to get off their arses and participate in activities or even come up with suggestions but even that is too much bother so in future,you are on your own.
I shall continue with the monthly Wednesday meet for those that do participate but that is it.