Peterbourogh/Cambridge meet

We shall be meeting again on 20th june at The Farmers in Yaxley after missing the last meeting, hopefully if the wheather is good, we will be taking a drive out and maybe do a photo shoot,we can disguss where at the meeting

hi guys,

just got a few pics from the meet - i don’t think i’ve uploaded to this site before, so i hope they don’t come out too big.

i didn’t get many “good” pics cos the light was fading pretty quickly by the time we decided to try to get any lol

maybe we could organise a photoshoot for anyone that’s interested sometime?


Well done Gaz, those piccis are great,it was quite a good meet this time and to all that did turn up, your support really is appreciated.

Again we had a couple of non members but one of them soon will be a member as he has been thinking about becoming one for quite a while,(imagine a GTO just up the road from me for the past 2 years and I have never seen it)
I think he just needed a little bit of encouragement and now he knows about us, he will come to a few more meets.(his is the red one on the right)
As we start getting better wheather (lol) maybe a few more locals will turn up and we can plan other things to do

lol - that was one of the best days weather wise - did you see the tornado on friday? i couldn’t believe it when i looked out of the office window on friday afternoon and saw that

it was the first local meet i’ve been to and i enjoyed it, i’ll be coming to more of them now that i’ve finished playing pool on wednesdays. oh - and next time i’ll make sure mine is clean lol


Its good to have you on board, like I said before, as soon as we get better wheather, then we can start planning trips out and about and various other things