Photo shoot day

I am having a photo shoot evening / car meet at my unit, got a photographer and models. I am setting off a corner of my unit were you can have your cars picture taken with some model or just a plain professional pic taken of your car.

It on Saturday 28th @ 17:30 onwards. got skyline owners supra owners and some other smaller sites coming be good to see some gto’s there.

Address is
Unit 8
Dale Industrail Estate
M26 1AD

Many thanks


Will try and get over Dan, you haveing any food vans there? Wot about magazines?

I am putting on a buffet for it but also maccies is on corner. I have to do a write up and some pics for banzai mag.

Damn shame you’re so far away Dann, a very good idea!

R u expecting any 300ZXs Dann? Ive allways fancied one so wouldnt mind haveing a good luck at one.

Not that I know of but will try and get some down mate, your not thinking of trading are you?

Not at the moment but u nether no, might do in a few years.

I’ll see if I can make it. I think I am free. What are the models like?

Snoopholly check out there forum, they’re nice cars and i know GTOBAZ use to own one and he could fill you in!

I will try and make it down for this Dan, will let you know nearer the weekend if that’s ok?


sure guys all welcome more the better, got skylines rx7’s supras and many others coming.

got 3 models confirmed now they are very pretty.

17:30 onwards guys


What a small world!

I go to Radcliffe ADSA most lunchtimes, I work 5 mins away.

I’ll see you there.

nice one yes just behind the asda mate.

U got any problems with my son and his m8 comeing in there chavtastic motors Dann.

No not at all just tell them its a static meet any racing / D**king about they be moved on.

Thanks Dann, good meet/photo shoot.

Only problem I have now is I can’t ever wash my GTO bonnet!

:ttiwwp: :ttiwwp:



I don’t want to steal Dann’s thunder.

Agreed, i good night Dann, baybe good to do one when daylight lasts a bit longer?
All the best with the venture, u seem to have a nice set up. just missing a hoist/4 poster.

thanks everyone pics are coming now just uploading them. Was awesome to meet you guys and my business is no long virgin to gto’s whoop