Photo's of my 95'

Hi guys, a few months ago when I created my first post on the forum there was a large request for some photo’s of my car. I was a little ashamed to put them up as they weren’t a true representation of how I wanted others to see my car. But I’ve gotten used to the way it looks and it would be a shame to hide from everyone so here it is:

Cassette deck yo!!

And in my first post I remember @Butler complaining about the tree being in the way on the pic I first posted up so I figured I’d give him a better view :wink:

I’d also like to thank everyone for the warm welcome I got back then and I hope to stay with my GTO for as long as possible. I have a bad habit of breaking things and moving on!! I think I’ve still post project pages on the prelude forums and Polo forums and I feel bad for leaving them half finished :confused:

p.s. I haven’t forgotten about my build thread for the GTO; it’s still under construction xD

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Need to lose the extra “Halfords” fog light and use one set of the rear lights, sure there is a write up somewhere

here we go



Halfords fog lights?? :S Do you mean that interior switch near the radio??

I cant access that thread you posted. It says I do not have permission to view it

The GTO does not have a rear fog lights, so to pass the MOT people add the extra light, as you have, The 3000GT uses one of the twin rear lights a two rear fog light making it look neater.

others use one of the read reverse lights with a red bulb


What does the rear fog light switch look like.

Ahhh I see what you’re saying now. Yeah I did find it was a bit odd that the rear fog switch was below the radio. There is also a blank button above where the front fog light button is. I was looking to get a proper switch for it when I replace the headunit with a double din system

Yep thats the stock one