Piston heads meet

Looks like piston heads got piston fest up and running again after a 7 year gap.

Not sure if anything the club is doing clashes but wondered who’d fancy having a stand there?

Could do, August will be getting cold though :confused:

What about JAE then :wink:

Who’s willing to cough up £25.00 deposit per ticket to see if it gets off the ground


I am trying to find a suitable way to heat my tent this year. Last year I woke up feeling like a man of two halves. My back was freezing, but my belly was warm.

The £25.00 is refundable, I would expect it would be up to the individuals who wished to attend to provide this funding. This stops anyone other than the individual losing out if they change their mind.

Admittedly JAE was COLD last year!

and that it was but its all part of the fun :lol: