Planning on buying a GTO - Need help!

Hey there! So I plan to get into the Jap car scene, and one of my iconic cars is the GTO. Now I have been searching the market and I came across this one via Autotrader:

As far as the description goes, it is the twin turbo model. I have also been reading the Buyers guide - but wanted to get a second opinion about this car.

Looking at that listing, is that car worth £6995? My budget is £8000 max.


Decent price for a full spec gto.
Main check first is underbody rust under rear wings and boot, rear sills.
Check engine fires first time and runs smoothly, a bit of lifter tick is very common, not a big worry.
Check gearbox synchro are OK and generally no clunk’s in drive train.
Oil pressure midway on the gauge when hot at 2k revs and coolant temp midway on the gauge again when hot. Also no dash lights on like abs or ecs suspension changes ok from tour to sport, light not flashing.
Make sure all electrics, windows mirrors central locking work ok.
Colour scheme looks a bit like Jap Police Gto !!
Good luck.


Hi and welcome.
The above comments are pretty spot on.

What Gerry said, but until you view the car you wont know. Certainly wouldn’t rush as there are a few cars about atm.

It’s worth noting the DVLA have this car listed as silver so you may need to let them know if you buy it since you might get pulled over for it being the “wrong colour”.

If it’s been wrapped…what’s it hiding.

D…Jerry has perfectly listed what you need to look out for. Also, Tom has done what I’ve just done and looked up the MOT history on the Gov website. It is very useful to gain some insight into how the car’s MOTs have worked out over the last 8 years or so.
Type in MOT CHECK, then go to the Government website, where you’ll be prompted further. Scroll down a bit further for “check the MOT history”, and you’ll be presented with some interesting stuff.
I’d be interested to know whether the car is still 4WS.
Good luck with your potential purchase, and if that goes ok, we’ll welcome you aboard here for £20.99 for a year’s full membership.


Hi Mike, I’d be interested to know how a MOT Station knows the Rear Steering isn’t Working, bare in mind, I’m getting to be an expert in this subject…….

Looks tidy , but from what I can see it wants a new clock, and I would investigate the under side further because looking at the arch liners they are full of mud, this can also be seen on the boost pipes, it’s had lots of stuff removed by the looks of it, but looks good for the money