Plenum spacer kit

rob does the plenum spacer kit benifit the n/a auto any :?: plus i read that you need to elongate the rear bolt holes for the plenum to fit back on ,is this true?
will be ordering a guide pully from you shortly(the wifes away with my bank card again :evil: ) once i register on your website,lookin good :lol:


Hi Scott,

Any form of Air cooling that gives the engine more oxygen will be of a benefit.

How much benefit this will give you? I could not honestly tell you.

However Malcolm came all the way from Brighton to the Essex meet one night NON STOP and you could put your hand on the plenum and keep it thereā€¦ :shock: :shock: :shock:

So there must be a advantage if the air entering the engine is that much cooler, after all us TT owners are always looking at ways of making the charge temperature cooler to create more power

To mod the Brackets take about 2 minutes to do and all the old bolt holes still work.

Give me a bell when you want to order


Cheers Rob