Pm replied to symbol?

Here is an idea that may be utter rubbish, or be damn good too those of us who send/receive loads of PM’s.

Can we add a symbol next to the PM in your inbox that indicates you have replied too the particular PM, something like ebay and facebook do ?. I know i for one read my PM’s and think i will reply later when i get 5 min’s and forget. This obviously happens too quite a few who don’t realise they have not replied as i have often sent messages and don’t get replies (hopefully they have also forgotten and not ignoring me :lol: ).

good or bad idea ??

Good idea!

Or you could look in your outbox or sentitems and see the reply?


Or just delete the ones you have replied to or read? :lol:

Elton comes and asks about something and he gets shot down- fail.

If everyone had the time to ■■■■ about checking sentbox or outbox replies then the question of a symbol wouldnt have been asked! :roll:

I think its a good idea- sometimes if your having a p.m conversation about something it is easier to keep your to remind you of what has been said so deleting a pm once you have replied isnt going to help you out!

Mark likes having stuff to do on the website anyway :lol:

I hardly think a different opinion is being “shot down”… :?

Anyhow, it’s not something that would help me personally, as I do exactly what I said - read it and either reply to it, or delete it. You have to go into the system to read new ones, so I don’t see how it’s “dicking about”… :?

If we all thought the same thing, then questions like this would never be asked, as you say. But we ARE allowed to have a different view you know.

Vote currently stands at 3:2 in favour, if it’s even possible :slight_smile:

I think me and you are on completly different wavelengths as you always reply in a way that says you think Im having a go at you when that isnt the case.
To me it read like eltons post was met with a ‘just do it this way insted’ with no one other then patrick actually saying ‘its a good idea’ or ‘it can/cant be done’.

Elton isnt thick- he knows how the p.m system works and that he can check what has been replied to by looking in the sent/outbox but say you have been having a long p.m convo about tyres and the p.m topic title is ‘tyres’, you then have to go into the last pm of that title to see what has been replied, which for those of us who send/recieve alot of about alot of different subjects that can become quite tedious.

Most likely, yes. 8)

try F5

and not using back in your web browser