Poll for COTM June 2019


Hi Guys as usual, one pic per entry, good luck.

All GTO/3000GT’s submitted will be placed around the winning image for the calendar.





At supercar showtime car meet at Hoghton manor preston tomorrow on show for GTOUK so will hopefully get some good pics​:+1::slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Ok, went out for a drive today, reason for that in another post :grin:

Beautiful Cotswold village of Stanton.

Terry :sunglasses:


Il go with this one for a change…



That’s a great calendar photo Terry.

Remember when submitting your photo, members will vote not only based on the car but the whole scenic view.

Keep them coming :+1:






Didn’t post this photo last month cause I knew Aaron would win, deserved it. So dropping it this month.


Nonsense @Driftaway thats a great photo!! I do love those hoop spoilers from certain angles :heart_eyes:


Good Luck guys