Polyurethane bushes for whole suspension - only VR4

  1. Enda - MK1 Full set
  2. Reece MK1 Full set
  3. Mr.G MK1 Full set
  4. Waller1987 MK2 Full set
  5. Davesoper64 MK1 Full set
  6. Chinkshields MK1 Full Set


Waller1987 - mk1 or mk2 for you? Because different in chinkshields’s list.


Saw him put mk2 earlier in the thread so changed it for him in my post


how much for a full set for mk2 ?
would like a set just need a couple of weeks to get the money just started a new job :confused:


about 230-260 pounds I think, I will be able to tell more accurate in monday or tuesday


ok thanks how soon you need the money ?


Probably till the end of next week. At least I am planning to order after weekend when I will get confirmation from bush company.


sorry wont have the money spare by then :frowning: will have to bug you the next time you do it :slight_smile:
sorry mate


That is not for sure. Last time it has got extended a month. I am waiting for email reply a week already. I am going to call him monday to find out the accurate date.


ok if its after the 1st i got the money for a full set mk2 but wont have it till the 1st feb :confused:


I was trying to contact by phone, but no reply, neither email reply, so I am waiting and I will try again tommorow…


It’s not like them Lukas :smile:


Ok. I have contacted with Grzegorz, the polyurethane man, he is able to prepare 6 sets for 2nd week of February.

  1. @enda - MK1 full set
  2. @reece.cambridge - MK1 full set
  3. @Mr.G - MK1 full set
  4. @waller1987 - MK2 full set
  5. @davesoper64 - MK1 full set
  6. @chinkshields - MK1 full Set

If anybody else is still interested, I am able to add to existing order by the end of January.
Prices to follow when I will recieve respond by email.
@alec_shewan - payment will be required after 1st of February - shall I add you to the list?


Excellent news mate tyvm for doing this again


yes please :slight_smile: thank you will have a full set mk2 thanks


Thanks Lukas


Great news thanks again for sorting this :+1::+1::+1:


Great work for the Club and it’s Members once again Lukas :clap::clap::clap:



Ok. List is confirmed with Polybush company.

  1. enda - mk1 full set
  2. reece.cambridge - mk1 full set
  3. Mr.G - mk1 full set
  4. davesoper64 - mk1 full set
  5. chinkshields - mk1 full set
  6. waller1987 - mk2 full set
  7. alec_shewan - mk2 full set


Have we got a price yet @lukas