Polyurethane bushes for whole suspension - only VR4


Hi All.

I have got a possibility to order a polyurethane bushes for whole suspension in our cars. I have already fitted front ones, and my friend fitted rear ones. Everything fit properly.

If I order 10 sets, they will cost Ł200 per one set. Bushes are prepared for VR4 4WD cars only before lifting and after lifting.




If anybody interested, please add your self to the list and specyfic car mk1 or after mk1


Order list:


Hi lucas,
Does it have to be a full set?
I already have some installed on my car.
Jerry :grinning:


No. I think we can seperate front and back or singles bushes as well.


How much for full front set please Lukas?
As I said when I came over wish I had seen these before I started the rear :joy:


Hi lucas I need the scribbled ones pls.
Jerry :grinning:


Sorry to be a pain but can i get a price on the rear lower control arm bushes please?



Ok. I will find out the price.


It’s ok. Can you mark on picture which one is it? I do not know all english names of bushes…


Ok. In monday I will have a call and find out prices for everybody in one go. ( I hope they will do single bushes).


Order list:

  1. @bhorth31 - mk2 (1995) - full set please


These ones, Rear Inner LCA.



Order list:

  1. @bhorth31 - mk2 (1995) - full set please
  2. @gto_power1 - mk1 8 pieces
  3. @Paulw - 2 pieces


Hi @lukas
Did you manage to get a price on front set please


I am doing it now. I have called 3 times today already. No answer yet… :frowning:


Order list:

  1. @bhorth31 - mk2 (1995) - full set please
  2. @gto_power1 - mk1 8 pieces
  3. @Paulw - 2 pieces
  4. @jensenrichardson - mk2 full front set


I have tried 5 times to contact with him and no answer. I will be trying tommorrow.


Unfortunately, I could not contact with him. I will do another go tomorrow. I will be keep trying until positive result.