Polyurethane bushes for whole suspension - only VR4


This is really a pain for you Lukas and very time consuming, but I think the Members buying these will appreciate your effort.



Exactly right Tracie, really appreciate your efforts to try and source these and provide a group buy for us Lukas, Please don’t give up! :+1:


Thanks Lukas. Don’t stress it mate.
Just let us know when you know.


I don’t need rubber’s… I’ve month’s till I get a sniff of a jump again or any bush action :joy:
Said that out loud again didn’t i :astonished:


You’ve got months till any bush action! your car will be painted and all sorted before I even get a low five :joy::joy::joy:



Bush :joy: you’ve one amazing family to look after buddy x beautiful :heart:


Thanks guys. It is just a pleasure to sort out something to our cars.


Is that price in ZL or £ ?


Price is in pounds.


Another call today made… and again with no result… do not give up lukas… :wink:


Hi mate
I’ll have a full set for a mk1 please


Order list:

  1. @bhorth31 - mk2 (1995) - full set please
  2. @gto_power1 - mk1 8 pieces
  3. @Paulw - 2 pieces
  4. @jensenrichardson - mk2 full front set
  5. @kmaysfx - mk1 - full set


Any news Lukas ?


Unfortunately not. I was in bed last 5 days with tonsilitus. I had one call today, but no response. :frowning:


Ok mate. Hope your feeling better I’m in no rush car is still in body shop


Hope your feeling better Lukas.


Hi Lukas, could i add on to this:

@bhorth31 - mk2 (1995) - full set please
@gto_power1 - mk1 8 pieces
@Paulw - 2 pieces
@jensenrichardson - mk2 full front set
@kmaysfx - mk1 - full set
@James3000GT - mk2 (1998) full set please


Put me down for full set of mk2 please mate


Ok I’ll have a full set also MK1 !


Wow. :slight_smile: I came back with news and what I see… more orders.

OK. I have contact with him today :slight_smile:
I can order anything, full sets, half set and singles.
I am going to sent him an email with order this week.