Polyurethane bushes for whole suspension - only VR4


Do you know what the lead times are @lukas?

Im getting my subframe stripped down and powdercoated soon, but will wait for these now. Just need to let the guy know.


List to the seller updated for @just_cool and @kawascouse.


I will find out that and prices as well. Now waiting for response to my email.


Lukas I sent my reply to the wrong member I work nights so didn’t see your reply I still would like the rear set of bushes as I have replaced the front already mine is mk2 if this causes a problem then let me know and I will go with my original email ok can always fit them to my other mk2 cheers Steve


Any updates on this Lukas ?


Think I saw on FB he’s on holiday Spiros.



Thanks Tracie !


Yes. I am on holiday, but I am trying to get in touch with him.


Enjoy your holiday Lukas.
Family time is valuable.
We can all wait untill you get back to find out how it’s going.


I am back from holiday. I will start calling again monday tommorrow.


Hi lukas what’s the crack on getting the polly bushes


I am angry… :confused:
He is not responding… I call everyday once from MON to FRI and last week I started leaving voice messages…
So still waiting or just quit shortly, because he is wasting my time…


Don’t get angry mate it’s his loss - clearly he doesn’t want or need the business. It’s a great effort on your part to try and a valuable group buy together.



Yeah Lukas, don’t beat yourself up about it, these things happen and when they’re beyond your control it frustrates the hell out of you.

Keep the faith bud,

Terry :sunglasses:


Lukas such a shame they are not replying to you, would have been great to get these parts but if it wasn’t meant to be fair enough. Shame you have wasted so much time on this if they did suddenly get back to you would be great though


Hi Lukas, please remove my order. I’m going to have to source from elsewhere as i need them soon. Thanks for trying and please dont give up.



Are you still trying for this @lukas or has it gone south?

Terry :sunglasses:


I stopped about week ago. I am going to try again monday.


Hi Lukas,
I was speaking to Jensen at the weekend and he suggested I try you, wow it took me 2 days to find this post!!
I have a GTO TT MK1 I am very interested in a complete set please :grinning:


Ok @hawk, no problem.