Polyurethane bushes for whole suspension - only VR4


I have my fingers crossed we can get them :slight_smile:


Hi. I have tried call today… no answer. I have left voice message and text message.
@hawk we will :wink: I will try again tomorrow morning.


I have just recieved text back. Everything is ready. I will get pictures by mail tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Are you coming to the Birthday Bash Lukas?

Terry :sunglasses:


What is the difference between MK1 and MK2 rear sub frames and are you still taking orders?




As far as I understand the only difference between a mk1 and mk2 kit are the front lower arm bushes.
I hope so otherwise I have ordered the wrong kit :persevere:
Rear is the same for both mk1 and mk2.


That is correct @jensenrichardson.


@reece.cambridge @warren_patterson36 do you both still want a set?


Hi Lukas,

Do you know when these will arrive?
Also when do you need payment?

Just estimates are fine.




No Terry. I am busy with citroen C2. Must finish it till end of the month


I’m out for the minute unfortunately, can’t afford them at the mo


@James3000GT arrival hopefulley this month or beginning next one
payment possibly this week or next one


Hi @lukas any chance you could do a list of what everyone is paying you so we all know what we need to pay mate.
Jerry :grinning:


Everybody pay for:

  • their sets
  • delivery to england
  • bank transfer fees
  • currency fees


Here we go, yours bushes are ready.

They are now being packed and get ready to send :slight_smile:
I will do calculations today.


Great job Lukas, you’ve been very patient and persevered with sourcing these when a few would have given up in frustration.



Great work Lukas.
Thank you for sorting this. I know it’s been alot of effort, but really appreciate it. 🖒


Well done lukas - looking good.



Great job lucas.
Jerry :grinning:


Calculations done. Price per person.
Please make a bank transfer on:
recipient name: Lukasz Sojka
account: 80262250
sort code: 40-18-57
type your nick in reference, please

Price includes:

  • yours bushes
  • currency fees
  • shipping from poland
  1. hawk - mk1 full set - 227,79
  2. jensenrichardson - mk1 full set - 227,79
  3. kmaysfx - mk1 - full set - 227,79
  4. spiros - mk1 full set - 227,79
  5. justinmandeville - mk1 full set - 227,79
  6. PenaltyCharge - mk1 full set - 227,79
  7. just_cool - mk1 full set - 227,79
  8. bhorth31 - mk2 full set - 232,99
  9. James3000GT - mk2 full set - 232,99
  10. Colin_GTO - mk2 full set - 232,99
  11. kawascouse - mk2 full set - 232,99
  12. carl_saint - mk2 full set - 232,99
  13. waller1987 - mk2 full set - 232,99
  14. gto_power1 - mk1 8 pieces - 107,97

The faster I will get payments, the sooner it will be send.