Possible new Surrey Meet

Gauging interest at the moment…

It’s The Anchor at Pyrford Lock, nice pub, good food…


Family friendly, something to watch on the river…


… and a decent car park…


It’s just off the A3 / M25 junction, so easy to get to for everyone…

Who’s interested?

The Anchor
Pyrford Lock, Wisley
GU23 6QW
voice(01932) 342507

Looks nice, not too far away. I could be up for that.


We had a great meal there yesterday, and thought what a location for a new meet :smiley:


hi ian

yes it looks a nice place,

i will come


looks nice location, i would be interested


Hi Guys depends on when for Dell and I.


only 60 miles from me so no problem,

be better on a sunday for me though :wink:


Sunday is my preferred day also… what does everyone else think?

Sunday’s out for me but have a great time guy’s…dell may pop down if not working when you do it.


Sunday’s fine

Sunday’s are good for me as well.


Looks nice Ian,
I’ll do me best to give the old gal an outing there whenever a meet is arranged.


Next Sunday’s weather looks crap. The following one is the French Grand Prix.
What about 29th June?
Would we have to book in advance? Does it get busy?

Hmm… I don’t know for sure. I’ll drop in or phone up to make sure there are no objections to a group of cars (doubt it)… I guess it depends on the time - it’s got a fair number of outdoor tables as well.

My family and I went there for lunch today.
It’s a lovely place with good food, drink and service. A bit cramped at the outside tables but that’s because it’s (rightly) very popular.
We arrived at 1 o’clock and managed to snatch the last space in the car park.
I should think there’s no chance of booking space for a large group. The only way would be to arrive early.
Word of warning for those with lowered suspension: at the point from which the first photo above was taken, the road dips sharply from the bridge. Mine grounded a bit.