Post-Pandemic Catch-Up

Thanks to Mark Whale Performance in Chester (Saltney) for rescuing M248OJU in 2019 (See advert on this website for “Project GTO”) - I was seriously tempted to ask him to put it on his Dynamometer - but thought better of it ! Then in 2020 I replaced the intermittent kmph-to-mph adapter, had a new set of tyres fitted, and took it to Graham Roberts of Autoworld in Leeds (Bramley) for a bodywork fettle and another MoT. My main cars are now 3x 1st Gen Nissan Leafs - my Morning, Afternoon & Evening cars ! (See my website ) But the GTO has been a fun weekend car, although the fun has been seriously curtailed by the Pandemic and its consequences - thanks to MWP and Autoworld for getting another couple of years use of the GTO.

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