Postage for small items?

Hi Rob

I’ve been looking to get a new bumper badge and remember you mentioning that you would have a cheaper postage option when the new site was live?

The postage for a small badge is at £10? are there any other options?

:astonished::astonished::astonished: 10 pounds, wow!!!

Terry :sunglasses:

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well worth the payment though because it’s next day and Royal Mail loose so much stuff…

Also it’s properly packaged.

normally I buy a few bits together then it works out perfect :slight_smile:

Rob earlier today

Yess more bits


I agree, well worth paying for delivery, get some maintenance items , stuff you know you will need , make the delivery worth while .

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But if I’m only after a 65mm badge that could be placed in a small padded envelope £10 seems hard to swallow :confused:

And as mentioned Rob did say there would be a cheeper option so just following up on that :slight_smile:

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I was talking to Rob last night as he was emptying my wallet for me, he said he could see this post for some reason so might be worth dropping him a message directly

Probably thinking that “I’ll get him” next time I order :rofl::rofl::rofl::innocent:

Terry :sunglasses: