Posting more than one image

Can someone please tell me how to post more than one image in a post?

When i try to do this i copy one image from my photobucket album–paste it into the message box–minimize message box page–re-open photobucket–copy second image and when i go back to paste this in message page–the first img has disappeared.

Help appreciated please

I load an image on photo bucket then i press image button on post, paste link and press image again.

Then i go back to p/b and ‘select upload another image’. then back to the post and paste link again.

you then should have something like this…

picture 1

picture 2


hope that helped. its easier to do than explain :lol:

Cheers buddy–i’ll give that a try as you have written but think it’s almost the same as what i’ve been trying so far :oops: :oops:

Will try again now