Potential to buy a gto.... but should I

Hi everyone

My names Toby and as you can probably tell I’m new to this forum, I’m currently trying to think whether I should take the gamble on a twin turbo gto I have been offered by an old manager at work. He seems to be quite the collector of cars and told me about the gto he has dry stored for the last 6 years or so. Me being a car guy immediately meant I had interest.

He’s mentioned a few things that would need doing if I was to buy it from him, this includes things like cam belt, service, he recommended replacing brake lines as it has been sat there. I’m also thinking things like discs and pads and coolant lines etc.

I am hands on myself so would happily take on the work but I really want to get a grasp on how big the task at hand would be, I don’t want it to become a vehicle that’s sitting on the driveway for months before I can use it, I’m aware it’s never going to be quick to basically bring a car back from storage but he used to use it for road trips and look after it with regular servicing etc…

Any help and advice would be appreciated and thanks for your time


If you are being offered it at a good price its worth a punt

You want to check the inner boot floor for rust

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Hi and welcome to GTOUK

Good thing is you know the car as it was your managers , cambelt wise it isn’t as daunting as it looks as long as your methodical , don’t just change the belt though get a new thermostat, tensioner and idler pulleys , these can be bought from @GSXRKID at the evil empire , don’t be tempted to buy cheap eBay specials

Brake lines can be a pain where they go over the rear subframe , but again take your time and all is do able

As said above if the price is right go for it , we are all GTO enthusiasts so nobody will say don’t buy one unless of course it’s a complete rot box then we would advise you to find a better one


Craig :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the good reply’s I should of mentioned he’s asking 4K, I believe it has about 98k on the clock, and no rust, passed its last mot with no advisory’s.

Sounds like a good deal really

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Hi Toby,

If that is the case bite his arm off :joy: on a serious not go view the car take our buyer’s guide with you as it has a lot of good pointers to look for. Ask him to take you for a test drive and let the car get fully up to temperature etc… it’s no different really to viewing any other car.

Welcome to GTOUK and hopefully all being well we will see your car soon :+1:


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Make sure it selects gears correctly when cold and also stays in reverse. back up the cat at least a 100yds and check

It should select 1st gear with no issues and also go back down the box with no grinding at all

Gearbox issues are expense to resolve

I can help you with all Parts

Good Luck


Some amazing advice here guys thanks for taking the time I really appreciate it, I’ve looked around at many cars as a fun car, including the turbo mr2s, 350zs and I’ve even considered turboing an mx5 however when the gto was offered to me, especially it being the twin turbo model I just cannot say no to a future classic.


Very decent price for a solid car, so make sure like the guys say above, maybe put it through an mot and see what that flags up or would your manager do that?
Good luck

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