Powder coated plenum

Last few bits to clear out now , this plenum was my second powder coated one and spent hardly any time on the car


looking for £50 plus postage , or can take to the AGM with me

Crag :slight_smile:

Hi Craig is this suitable for my mk2 twin turbo 300ogt?! Is it white?!?!? Just what I’m after

It will fit fine. I had a GTO plenum on my mk2 3000GT for years with no problem.


In that case… Craig can you bring to the AGM? I can pay before then if your worried about non payment? :slight_smile:

Its not white Steve . its a light shade of silver , as Staff said though it will fit your car fine , don’t know if that puts you off with it not being white

Craig :slight_smile:

Ah ok sorry then Craig I got all excited hoping it was white :slight_smile: