Sorry @martyn1
Yes it was a mistake I was supposed to add you both.
Will be great to see you and the car.


Hi all
Looks like we have the line up of cars for this show sorted and now it would be good to hear from any members who would like to be involved.
We get a limited number of wristbands, these give us free entry into the show an hour before it opens to prepare and then have a great day.
You can come on Friday, Saturday or Sunday or any combination of one to three days and you get a wb for each day you attend.
It’s a terrific show and a great chance to be with your club and enjoy the world of classic cars, tv personalities and lots more, its indoors of course so nice and warm!!
So come on down and join us at the NEC in March the free entry wb,a will be offered on a first come first served basis.
Please post or PM me for more details.
Cheers all.


Jerry I have no idea why you persist in posting that our members visiting the NEC have to work the stand to get a wristbsnd.I will state again, as far as GTOUK and it’s Committee are concerned it is not a proviso.

The two stand passes per day have indeed have been used in the past for organisers ie. @ms8leach and @lukas have kindly spent time on the stands.

In the booking conditions received from the NEC it does not state that spare wristbands have to go to members who man the stand. (these tickets come from members who bring a vehicle on to the stand, only two of the allocated wristbands refer to an organiser).

Give a little credit to any member who receives a free ticket, as I’m sure they would stand with the club, being part of GTOUK.

Jerry we have discussed this numerous times via email, messages and phone calls, could you please refrain from insisting this.



Great what’s the lineup :grin:


It’s intention to bring pearl on the Thursday and stay with her until the Sunday release time. Then we will go home and ultimately straight back to work.
Happy to spend most of the time with the stand (however my knowledge on these cars is low compared to you guys), as there is only so many times one can see the items available at the NEC.
Accommodation wise, is there anywhere local that people use, just thinking about “after show relaxation/drinks etc” and transport to and from show?


I would like to be involve. I will bring the carpets stored from last year. I will help with stand setup. I am taking a day off from work, so I will be availavble from thursday 21st to sunday 24th


We try and stay in the hotels on the Nec Campus and if so is best to book asap to get the best deals.
There are plenty of other hotels a few miles out that have had pretty cheap rates in the past, just means getting in to the Nec from them rather than walking to the Nec from the ones on site.
I used or similar when l got the best deal.
Good luck.


Hi Kev
Cars for the show are

There is one other space available.
I would like to show my car again and if no one else shows an interest in the next few days,I will add my name to the list.

It will be great to see 6 of our cars at the show.


It will be great to see you at the NEC martyn1
Hotels around the NEC sell out fast for this show, also prices can get expensive.
I would definitely get looking and depending on finances look into bnb and hotels a little further afield.
Also take into consideration taxi costs if it’s not in walking distance.
There will be loads of time for you to take in the full show, and see what’s there.
You will learn loads about these cars just by being a part of the show.
I knew nothing a couple of years ago when I got mine, but you soon learn.
To be honest most people just want to talk about the basics ie mk1-mk4 differences in appearance or are they awd, do they have 4 wheel steer etc.
Most of the time you will be with other members when people ask questions.
If anyone asks something your unsure of you just grab another member to help out.
No one wants to feel uncomfortable,so do as much or as little as you want.
Tbh once your there I’m sure you will soon be chatting away with people and having a great time.


Jerry as previously discussed numerous times between us and also the committee could you only post what’s been agreed between us.
The club has explained how they would like the wristbands gifted to the club by the event organisers to be used.
This topic along with shirt sales/sponsors, honorary positions for the event/guaranteed car space, wristband allocation/working the stand, official club paperwork/insurance and 3rd parties using the club stand, has been raised by you and answered repeatedly by the committee.
Please can we stick to what has been agreed and concentrate on the club event.


Attending this show so far;

With show cars for the three days, and build

Stevie snd Tracie
Marty Miller
Jerry SC

Others attending
Jensen, possibly with car if no others wish to attend.

Lukas for 3 days and build
Enda for Saturday

Ian and Geoff (Mutley and Hawk)
Please confirm which days, thanks.

We will have at least one more wb free entry left per day, maybe up to three or four depending on which one so it would be great to see some more members joining us, given out on a first come first served basis.

Don,t miss out on this amazing event for car enthusiasts.

Thanks everybody.,


We also have spaces for more cars as Steve and Jensen have said they will step back for anyone wanting to show their car who hasn’t been before, as they have, so please don’t think the car spaces are full.

What we don’t want is for the stand to look the same every year because the public foot traffic will get bored and walk past us, as I have done at many shows when it’s the same cars there year on year.

So don’t be shy, we actually have potential space for 3 more cars, but to be fair and give people time to plan hotels and home/family arrangements we should really deadline car showing within the next week.



I’m the same if anyone wants my spot it’s theres :grin:


Hi Guys,
as stated above I’ll be there on the saturday looking forward to spending some time on the stand , helping out for an hour or two but I am happy to do so with or without thd free WB in case anyone else might need it.
@jerry_SC any luck with the hoodie sizes, I havn’t got any smaller unfortunatly :laughing:


Hi Enda
Will check my stock.
Thanks for offering car spaces guys lets see what happens in the next week or so.
Personally l think Kev,s car always gets lots of views and having the hulk there is a real show stopper, draws in big crowds and gives the stand a real buzz.
Its also great to show new cars but whatever we do looking forward to a great show.
More members very very welcome.


There will be a pass for you on Saturday Enda.
We have 14 per day and unused ones can be carried over.


The club has 14 wristbands per day.
We can carry over any unused daily over the weekend.
Please let us know if you are attending and want one.


  1. @kevin_rhodes
  2. @martyn1
  3. @martymiller
  4. @jerry_SC
  5. @lukas


  1. Kevin
  2. @enda

3.marty Miller

@mutley99 and @hawk
Hi guys, do you know what day you will be coming?
Look forward to seeing you there.


Thanks guys


It’s warm in the Nec… I’m sure GTOUK would be better presented in the original “club merchandise”.
The shirts are our the club’s official uniform for these events…

Semi Dave


Loved Kev’s car at the NEC last year. Also enjoyed the other cars.
Really looking forward to meeting the HULK for the first time.