Price for parts

Hi Rob, can you price me up some parts i need please.
Here go’s
Rocker cover gaskets
New plugs not sure what brand you recommend, engine looks quite stock.
New leads
Sump plug washer
I am sure there is more but thats about all i can afford for now.

Hi Pat

PM me a number and i will see what i can do to help you out

Cheers Rob

Left a voice mail not long ago number is 07877030228

Hi Rob any luck with a price also need a fuel filter.

Left a message on your mobile Pat

Cheers Rob

Hey Rob do you have any second hand drivers side door window trims? I know you have new ones and if not i will get one another day as i seem to think they were quite pricey.

I rob tried calling a few times today to place the order. Can you give me a call when you have 5mins.

Hi pat
I can guess what the answer to window rubbers will be… No as all 2nd hand ones are as f****d as yours are. Mine are the same and mines a 97. Don’t replace rubbers with 2nd hand ones even if the day perfect condition as they will be stuff n split on replacing them

Yea rob said the same going to fit all the service items I brought from him now and see if it will run.

We finally got to chat… :shock:

All sorted and ready to go… :smiley: :smiley:

Hope it works out for you and it runs sweet

After chatting to you several times now i really hope this all pans out for you and you end up with a nice car at the end

You just need to move !!

Cheers Rob

Yea hope so too really want to have a drive in it. My mk3 supra was in a similar state when I first got it and now it’s one of the best in the UK. Helps when you get good advice of a good forum.

Hi Rob no leads still and i really need a thermostat, halfords dont stock them and also want £57 seems a lot but i dont know how much they are for the gto. I know i only pay about £15 for the supra though.