Prices needed for parts

rob, i had a look on the website but cant find prices for cylinder head gaskets and thermostat.
as you might of read my car had overheated :frowning: getting it checked out tommorow but it looks like the heads will need skimmed and either the fault was the thermostat or the radiator :? so i just need some ball park figures and youll be recieving a phone call tommorow probably once i find out the damage.hopeing to get the car back on the road next friday if all goes well.


I found them in the genuine parts section Scott

Head gaskets £40 (each)
lower plenum gaskets £28 (a Pair)
upper plenum gasket £9
Thermostat £25

You may want to check your rocker cover seals too, they are £30 each

Hope your car isn’t too bad!

Spoken to Scott on the Phone and sorted him out…

Thank You Mark for the help bud… manic here at the moment

Cheers rob