Project for someone

Evening people! Some of those at birthday bash last year know about the issues with my Gto…had a bit of a smash which has been repaired, but still has some bits to sort out. It’s a Mk1 n/a which has a list as long as my arm of bits to sort out before she’ll be back to normal. I haven’t got the time to get it sorted…so I brought a better mk1 haha (which now needs a water pump). I refuse to scrap it as the weigh in value is shocking! So, if someone on here’s after a long term project and want to take it of my hands for a few hundred quid, drop me a message and I’ll run through the list. I’m in no doubt that this car can be put right, and back to the reliable runner it was before some pillock built a house in a stupid place lol which I disagreed with!