Proposed Scottish Weekend Tour

Folks…first pass at a potential tour of north west Scotland…I need to do some sense checking of distance, speeds and confirm B&B availability but its an option. Dates will be up to the majority but maybe aftere the JAE event so into August perhaps.

Meet 10am Saturday at Stirling just off J 10 of the M9
Head off 10.30 in convoy via the A811 to Balloch

Join the A82 and dirive on the west side of Loch Lomond heading north to Crianlarich

Continue on the A82 via Ranoch Moor to Glencoe - could stop for food at Ballachulish?

continue on A82 to Spean Bridge - quick stop for me to salute the Royal Marines Monument as I haven’t been there for a while! Its a Bootneck thing!!!

Head north on the A87 to Invergarry and on to Dornie - overnight stay in Dornie, a few B&B’s depending on how many we need to accommodate - 'The Schoolhouse has 4 rooms at £50 for doubles (2 adults) or £65 for 2 + 2 kids. ‘Beinn Edra’ B&B £22 per person.

This is in easy walking of a local pub and few minutes to Eilean Donan castle and loch or we could skoot across to Skye if the evening looks promising?

Day 2
If we havn’t been over, then zoom over the Skye bridge (now free)! and do the circuit via Portree and back to Kyle of Lochalsh.

Take the A890 out of Kyle of Lochalsh to Lochcarron then pick up the road to Applecross (this is not a big road)

Follow the coast road up to Fearnmore and then back down the other side to Sheildaig.

A896 to Kinlochewe

A832 until we pick up the A835 via Dingwall and then pick up the A9 to Inverness.

A9 down to Aviemore - stop here for a quick look at a ski resort without snow!

Follow the A9 down to Perth and stop at a suitable point to regroup cos this might be a suitable point to split up as the Edinburgh/Glasgow/Ayr and other southern area guys head off and the Aberdeen and north guys head back home…

Its a first pass, but you guys may have some specific ideas we could include too…


I like the sound of this. You must have put alot of thought into it! Only thing I would check is that there are some shell stations en-route for quality petrol for us.

that sounds a great run mark.i’m sure i could talk the missis into coming along for the sights :lol:
the road from lochcarron to kishorn/applecross are single track roads with passing places(that the sheep own :lol: ) would be a challenge :smiley: .


You have just made me homesick…i used to gig all aroun theese areas every weekend… :cry:

My agent had a sense of humour where as you paint a nice big circle he would send me back and forth across the north…1000 miles evry weekend just as well it was in a diesle van…

I hope you all manage to do this it sounds great… too far away for me


Thanks Andy and Scott…maybe we make a call on the single track roads not being the best in a GTO, sheep look soft and fluffy but the little buggers can certainly dent a peugeot 405 deisel if they want too!!!

Angel - get yourself back up here and join the fun before the SNP take over and kick all us English out and close the border at Carlise!

I’ll be taking my wife (I’ll pretend I need a navigator) cos she loves that area too, i’ll pencil in Scott and Mrs Scott, Andy so far (so maybe get out in Edinburgh and get pulling yourself a lady friend to tag along and make the tea when we stop)!


We will get plenty of pictures for you to look at Angel. Not the same I know but i’m sure it will bring back memories.

Will try my best Mark - might see if I can find a nice nun :wink: :twisted: