Query about tesco?

Hello all, after 6 months I have finally got my GTO TT back on the road. I need insurance again (obviousley). I have been hearing horrible rumours that tesco now won’t insure under 25’s???
Now I am 24 and have been insured with tesco for 5 years on, 205 GTi, pulsar GTI-R x2, skyline and now the GTO.
Will they insure me again because I am an old customer, or will they not insure any new policies regardless of being a customer??



p.s was insured with tesco on this car 4 months ago, surley they will re-insure me??

I tried to get an insurrance quote for a GTO with tesco, im about to turn 24 and they told me that they wouldnt insure me on it unless i was 25…and i was a previous customer, used to insure my Mazda 323 with them, but even now they will only carry on to insure current GTO customers under 25 with policies…

I had the same problem… I use to be a customer of theirs, then did one year with Adrian Flux. Now they have apparently changed their policy and it doesn’t matter that we’ve been with them before.

Not many choices for under 25s… I got my GTO at 19 and paid £4600 via Tesco’s 1st year! …all that cash and 2 years later they tell me to take a ride! Charming!

sh*t!! £4,600! youd could of bought another GTO with that money