Question about insurance

Got an even better quote from Aon than the one from Greenlight I mentioned yesterday however it had a prerequisite that the car be garaged. Unfortunately I don’t have a garage at the house but then the car doesn’t spend much of its time here, only the occasional night.

So my question is, where/when does it have to be garaged:

  1. Everywhere after dark (hows that work though, you couldn’t go anywhere in it)
  2. At the address the insurance policy is for
  3. The address where the car itself is registered to, i.e. currently my house, though I could change that.

Not trying to pull a fast one or anything and I’ll ring them again tomorrow to verify.

Be a great job if it was 2 or 3 as that would mean it would still be insured the odd night it spends on my drive way. If its 1 then fair play to them, I’ll keep them in mind for the future as it was certainly a cheap quote, £365!!

There’s only one way to be certain of their policy, contact them. If you do go ahead with them, read their policy [in black & white] and make sure you don’t buy/get sold something which doesn’t actually cover you. Insurance is one of the biggest scams out there, quick enough to take your money, just don’t expect a quick payout when you need it 'cos if there’s a tiny little chance they can get out of a payment, they will. :evil:

Mark. :slight_smile:

Yep, certainly be confirming which it is with them if I go ahead with it Mark. I’d actually accepted that I wouldn’t be able to take out the policy but then after hanging up I thought maybe my situation is actually ok as it does spend most of its time garaged.

I hear you taking ages to stump up. A girl drive out in front of me from a side road a good few years back now in what was 100% down to her, police had her up for undue care and attention etc, still took her insurance a year to stump up!!

The answer is number 1 unfortunately. Needs to be garaged between 10 and 6 when not in use. If you’re at a hotel/restaurant etc thats classed as in use, parked outside the house the odd night is classed as not in use and hence not insured.

Greenlight it is. but hopefully be able to go with Aon at a later date.

You TT guys could claim that it spends at least 6 months of the down the garage a year (day and night) getting fixed :rofl: :roll: so that should count towards low mileage as well :wink:

Bad luck with your insurance though :frowning:

you looking forward to fixing yours all the time then when you get it smudge ? :lol:

Putting it off the road over winter too Smudge for 6 months but still need to insure it just in case…pity you couldn’t get some sort of much cheaper storage insurance as it won’t be on the road from Oct-Apr :roll:

Still it’ll make it more the special come April when she’s wheeled out again… and 6 months is ample time to save a few pennies for few mods :smiley:


I have previously had policies where you can reduce you cover to “laid up cover” which was for when you took the car off the road for a few months. They used to give a credit towards your renewal for the time it was laid up. Other thing is you don’t earn any no claims bonus for that year.


Cheers Kevin, hoping they’ll wave the policy change fees at least.