My son was insured on his S14a with Zenith. He went off the idea of rear-wheel drive and has now bought an Integra type-R. When he went to do the car change, for some reason Zenith wouldn’t touch the type-R even though it’s (only) 180BHP and somewhat slower than the 200SX.

The policy is due to run out in July at which point he will have three years NCD. He won’t get anything back on it now so he may as well let it run out.

Because Zenith won’t insure the car, he’s ended up with Highway, but with only 2 years NCD, which of course has pushed the price up.

Do you think Highway would honour the three years he will have in July or can we kiss goodbye to the extra year because of Zenith?

The NCB will only be earned if the policy is run for a full 12 month policy with no claims made.

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