Quick Question regarding parts for 1990 GTO



Hi All, recently bought a 1990 twin turbo GTO as a restoration project , needs a lot of work but looking forward to seeing the end results .Quick question , all the parts that I am looking at the years says from 91-99, are the parts the same for 1990 or should any parts I by be specific for that year ??? Cheers Rob


Not on my website they don’t…lol


Give me a cal if you need any help

Cheers the other Rob


Hi and welcome to GTOUK , you must get some pictures up , we love car pictures

As for parts there are non left in the world anywhere

:joy::joy::joy: no only joking , some parts are getting harder to source but there are still a few options out there to track down those elusive parts , just need to do some digging at times , even Mitsubishi themselves come up trumps without breaking the bank depending where your local one is




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As Craig said we love to see pics of the car.


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Only allows new user put 2 pics up :grimacing:


Will do , just got fleeced by the revenue in Ireland to register the car , over 2k on a car I bought in the UK for 2k , ridiculous , have a logged and appeal so fingers crossed I get some cash back and can start pumping it into the car , membership fee included :grinning:


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